Solar Heating

With the cost of energy continuously on the rise, and the worlds supply of natural resources ever dwindling, one thing is for sure, energy bills are heading north unless you decide to act now. Solar heating is one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy in the UK, on average you can save 60-70% on your heating bills if your system is managed carefully.

Solar Heating panels have advanced somewhat in recent years, gone are the days of panels freezing in winter. Many of the panels are unaffected by the outside temperature further optimizing their efficiency and will even work when in less than perfect conditions (Light cloud only)

At Angus Jenkinson Ltd we believe that each installation should be customized towards your preferences or needs i.e. where you would like your panels mounted. Typically panels are roof mounted, however, we can offer an equally efficient ground mounted system that’s safe, quicker and easier to install. We will personally visit your property and work out your exact requirements. This will not only depend on the size of your property, but also the usage and the radiation it will receive from the sun.

Solar heating applications are generally installed in homes which use a conventional boiler and hot water tank. The installation requires your standard cylinder to be replaced by that of a Twin Coil arrangement. This allows you to heat the water In your home through the use of your existing boiler and using the solar collectors.

Why not give Angus Jenkinson Ltd a call or CLICK HERE to send us an enquiry via the website. Remember renewable energy isn’t just cost efficient, its green and adds value to your home.